Dr. Lopez,
I just wanted to let you know, we went to your office for new patient appointments for my 5 year old twin girls and had a wonderful experience. It was great, from the sign in the entry welcoming Sara & Isabel, to the very wonderful dental hygienists, to your wonderful on-the-spot teaching & showing me my girls' xrays and how their permanent teeth were looking in the gums. WOW! I was so impressed and thrilled with the whole experience!

Susana, mother of Sara and Isabel, ages 6

Dr. Lopez & Staff,
I wanted to thank all of you for making Ethan's first visit to the dentist so wonderful. From the minute we walked into your office, Ethan was put to ease. All of you are so great with children and great at what you do each day! Thanks again!

Shelby and son Ethan, age 4

Dr. Lopez & Staff,
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank-you for how you handled Kieran (and me!). I’m telling everyone I know how great you all are. Dr. Lopez-you are brilliant!

Samantha and son Kieran, age 5

Like most children our six year old twins were afraid to go to the dentist...A friend referred us to Dr. Lopez and from the moment we stepped foot in the office the experience was sensational!
Dr. Lopez is warm and caring towards the kids and the parents. His approach made our children very calm...We would strongly recommend Dr. Lopez for any pediatric dental needs!

Dana and John, parents of Zach and Lexi, ages 6

Hey Dr. Christian!
I just wanted to tell you that I loved my trip to your dentist office! You and your staff was soooooo nice! The movies were awesome and I loved the games in the lobby! (apparently x-box calmed my nerves quite a bit.) Anyways i’ll see you in six months!

Dakota, 13

Dr. Lopez,
Thank you so much for Jaren's dental experience. I am so impressed with the service and how good you and your staff were to Jaren. I look forward to you serving my kids in the future. Thank you again so much!

Jennifer and son Jaren, age 4

Dr. Lopez, Jane, Samantha, and Sonia!
Thank you ALL for the awesome experience at your office. Peyton is so looking forward to her next visit, thanks to Sonia and her idea of more prizes… My son Jared wants to know when it is his turn to see 'Jordan's dad.' He thought he was 'cool.' YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Celeste, mother of Peyton, 5 and Jared, 3

On October 31st, my 3 year-old son had an awful accident falling off his scooter. After a harrowing evening in the emergency room, we were thankful to learn that the worst of his injuries was a missing front tooth. The doctors prompted us to go to a pediatric dentist the next day for a follow-up. We found out about Dr. Lopez through a friend who highly recommended him to us. I was so pleased when I called the office and explained our urgent situation that they were willing to see us within a few hours of our calling.

"Initially, I was apprehensive when I arrived at their office, because my son has never done well with dentists in the past. He usually cries and resists any attempts to examine his mouth. I was so happy to see him smile as we walked into their entertaining waiting room and he ran towards the computer games mounted on the wall. He exclaimed, 'Mom, I like it here!' The staff had printed out a 'welcome sign' personalized with his name and it was displayed on their desk. We felt so comfortable from the beginning. The staff was so friendly and attentive, and took us back to see the dentist promptly. I was surprised to see my usually reluctant son take the staff's hand and eagerly cooperate as they x-rayed his mouth. Dr. Lopez is a very professional, friendly dentist, who seemed very competent in his decisions and advice in the care of my son. Josiah happily laid in the dentist chair viewing a movie on the flat-screen displayed above him. This was an unprecedented event in our dental history!

We had a wonderful experience at the office and their warm, caring staff was very impressive. I highly recommend Dr. Lopez's practice to other families!

Sara, mother of Noah, 6; Josiah, 3 and new baby Lily

My son Tyler has been going to the dentist since he was 16 months old. He is now 9 and has started seeing Dr. Lopez at Newport Pediatric Dentistry. After the first of three appointments, Tyler said, ‘I like going to Dr. Lopez.’ I was impressed with the care and compassion given to my son during his three visits and I can’t imagine going anywhere else after my son’s comment. Going to the dentist was not always a pleasant experience for Tyler, but going to Dr. Lopez’s office is just that!
Thank you Dr. Lopez for your high standard in customer service and compassion for children.

Christina and son Tyler, age 9